Warehouse logistics

Warehouse and storage services for the safekeeping of goods are important components in our range of services.

We can offer the so-called floor storage, which is particularly suitable for oversized goods and for goods on pallets and cartons.

Based on our warehouse and experience we can offer following services:

  • Consolidation of goods;
  • Storage in a heated warehouse (The minimum storage area in a heated warehouses is 50 m²);
  • Storage in an unheated warehouse;
  • Mechanized unloading / loading – even if the weight of a unit is more than 1,5 tonnes;
  • Manual unloading / loading – used when the goods are light or small in size. The price of such services depend on the weight of the goods;
  • We can also offer you the weighing oft he goods;
  • Marking and labelling of cargo as well as packing/repacking the goods;
  • Neutralization of the cargo;
  • Acceptance and dispatch of goods in customs / transit mode;
  • Stocktaking of your goods;
  • Creation of accompanying documentation.