Customs clearance

The customs clearance of goods in transit requires the status of an authorized receiver and must either own a customs warehouse or rent such a warehouse and be in constant contact with the customs authorities. We meet both of those criteria and also act as an authorized transit warehouse. Therefore, we can do customs clearance of your goods for you during export and import into the European Community.

Since we sell goods ourselves to CIS countries for several years now and are also active in the transport sector, we cooperate with many partners and customs representatives in all regions of Europe, so that we can offer you such services throughout Europe.

Our activities in this area include the following services:

  • Consulting in all areas of customs declaration;
  • Customs clearance of import / export goods at the customs terminals;
  • Various customs formalities at the borders and within the country;
  • Preparation of import / export documents for customs clearance;
  • The organization of transport of customs goods, as well as the storage in authorized transit warehouses and the supervision of all customs formalities;
  • Application for the required certificates and necessary controls.