The shipping by sea as a whole have been discovered and used by people for a long time as means for various types of freight transports. Since the water surface covers most oft he earth, it is a way to transport the goods across continents.

The advantages of transport by sea are obvious:

  • Weight capacity – no other mode of transport can be compared to Seafreight in this regard, as it makes it possible to transport thousands and tens of thousands of tonnes. We charter for you the loading room on the ship and, if desired, the entire ship;
  • Loading capacity – no other modes of transport have the loading capacity a modern ship has. There are various types of cargo ships – standart, ro-ro ships, ships that can partially submerge into the water and have a large weight capacity etc. The most common type of sea transport is still shipping containers of 20“ or 40“ (DC, HC, HCpw, CSPW, OT, FR etc.) which are seperated into Full Container Loads – FLC or Less than Container Loads – LCL. Seafreight is also often used for heavy duty transports.
  • Almost all cargo ships today have a strict schedule coordinated with the port and receivers. During chartering, the deadlines for the arrival of the vessel in the port and the loading / unloading times are fixed and later the actual route of the movement is monitored with taking the schedule into account;
  • Low costs of delivering large quantities of goods are an indisputable advantage of Seafreight.