Heavy duty transport

Often a customer needs to transport very heavy or bulky shipments. A heavy duty transport is considered if the shipment fullfills one of the following conditions: a height of more than 4 meters, a width of more than 2,55 meters, a length of more than 20 meters or a weight of more than 38 tonnes (including the Vehicle). The goods for heavy transports usually cannot be taken apart and may be for example, oversized pipes, building boards, industrial equipment or machinery etc.

In this case, experience and relevant knowledge are absolutely necessary to be able to carry out this type of transport. Very often we can help the customer with our recommendations alone, before the actual transport starts.

We recommend that you contact us before you purchased a specific product or equipment, as transportation costs in this case will play an important role in your subsequent purchase decision.

Since this type of cargo is not a standart trasnport, the complex of accompanying procedures for heavy transports are complicated and require expertise.

Our main task as a forwarding agency is to organize the required services in such a way that, at the time of departure, the route, the required approvals, the loading and unloading dates and many other pieces oft he puzzle are optimally planned and smoothly put into practice because every demurrage costs a lot of money in such types of transports.

In this case the customer should also pay close attention tot he preparation of the cargo and provide full information about the cargo – plans, drawings, transport dimensions as this information is used to plan the entire route.

With this information we are able to consider the weather and climatic conditions, times of day and seasons, power lines and communications lines, bridges and tunnels, the quality of the road, the road carrying capacity etc.

Sometimes it is necessary to make a decision with the customer about (if possible) taking the cargo apart, talking to other authorities about reinforcing the road or structures along the way, removing or disconnecting power lines, strenghten bridges and making other similar preparations.

Often it is needed to combine heavy loads with multimodal transports, especially when transporting hard to reach places and regions where you often can only transport by Road or Sea.

Those who have faced such tasks in the past, will surely appreciate the services of a qualified and experienced freight forwarding company, which we are guaranteed.