Railway freight

Rail transport is a popular type of freight transport since the last two centuries and constantly rising in it’s popularity.

Usually this mode of transport is used when goods have tob e transported over long land distances within a continent. The bigger the distance, the cheaper the transport by rail. At short distances, this mode of transport is not advisable, as the organization of rail transport is much more complicated than the organization of road freight.

Another advantage of rail transport is the load capacity oft he wagons – usually it has tripple the capacity of a truck.

We can help you in regards to:

  • Organization of transport through all types of wagons, containers and platforms;
  • Creating a loading plan with taking everything into account that is important for the safety of the entire train and the load;
  • If required we order special conveyor belts (transport of oversized goods) and other loading and unloading gadgets;
  • Customs + transit documents and permits fort he territory of the former CIS countries and Europe;
  • Creation of shipping documents, issuing of authorization telegrams etc.;
  • Tracking so we can give you daily information about the progress of the transport with input of the current location;
  • Receipt of the freight at the destination and delivery to the warehouse of the recipient.