Sometimes it is neccesary to ship goods by air. There are plenty of reasons why you should ship certain goods by air because they need to reach their destination earlier than normally.

The costs for airtransport in comparison to the other modes of transports are higher, but by choosing the optimal route, departure and arrival airports and the right choice of carriers to deliver the goods can significantly reduce the cost of airfreight.

Within the last couple of years we have built up a wide network with airline partners and airlines in different countries. We can pick up your cargo from anywhere in the world and ship it by air to any location.

We reserve the loading room needed for your cargo on selected scheduled- and charter flights, take care of necessary documents and provide the required permits for the transport.

If necessary, we will pack (repack) and label your freight, take care of the storage in our premises, the insurance and the customs clearance. We will transport the goods from or to the selected airport and if necessary arrange the escort and the delivery of the goods as well.

Most importantly though, we can always provide you with complete information about the location and movement of the cargo.